High security and faster deals

We let you have the best security and lower vacancies

Ebie offers an alternative to the deposit without compromising on your security. Our high-class knowledge in risk analysis and risk management allow you as a landlord to be as secure as if you use a traditional security deposit. At the same time, the renter only has to pay a fraction of the security amount. Ebie aggregates the risk and uses state-of-the-art financial analysis to allow you to win important deals without compromise.

Robust protection
We reimburse you for any missed rent payments or damages for the entirety of the lease. So you can rest assured that you have no risk of unexpected rental losses. Quick, smooth and easy.
Reduced Vacancies
Units offering deposit alternatives are rented out faster. You get more potential tenants applying which have been shown to decrease vacancies with almost 30%.
Reliable & On-Demand
Our contracts are underwritten by top-rated insurance carriers, meaning that you can rest assured knowing that payment is on the way. It doesn't stop there, you can request your claim on-demand.

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You are a fintech startup? How is that risk-free? We may be the new kids on the block, but our focus is certainly long-term. We've partnered up with the insurance company Gar-Bo, which underwrites all our insurance policies. Regardless of what happens to us, the insurance policy will be in effect. Have a look at our legal information if you want complete information about the insurance terms. If something is still unclear, don't hesitate to reach out at contact@ebie.se. We greatly appreciate feedback and questions.
Ebie is a trademark that Rentfair AB owns and operates under. Rentfair is registered at Bolagsverket as an insurance distributor to Gar-Bo, on which account Rentfair operates. Rentfair has through agreements taken upon itself to, without exception, distribute deposit insurance (also known as rental guarantee insurance), which is damage insurance in insurance class 14, for Gar-Bo's account.
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