Low vacancies and high security

Ebie lets you as a landlord rent your units quicker, smoother and with less hassle without you having to worry about security

How does Ebie help you?

Ebie allows you to remove barriers for renters, decrease vacancy rates, reduce costs and improve your oversight and communication with customers. All without any fees or a loss of security. Our innovative insurance solution is built to help your business excel.

What we offer

Robust protection
We reimburse you for any missed rent payments or damages for the entirety of the lease. So you can rest assured that you have no risk of unexpected rental losses. Quick, smooth and easy.
Reduced Vacancies
Units offering deposit alternatives are rented out faster. You get more potential tenants applying which have been shown to decrease vacancies with almost 30%.
Financial stability
Our contracts are underwritten by top-rated insurance carriers, meaning that you can rest assured knowing that payment is on the way. It doesn't stop there, you can request your claim on-demand.

How it works

Offer our solution
Present our solution to your tenants as an alternative to a deposit or bank guarantee and watch your vacancy drop. We'll do the heavy lifting and make sure your rent process goes smooth.
Stay updated on your tenants
We make sure you get a good overview of your customers and how financially secure they are. We can even help you in the tenant screening, so you get the very best tenants.

Frequently asked questions

What damages do you cover?
We cover all damages that would normally be deducted from the security deposit. This includes missed rent payments and damages to the property.
How can we be guaranteed that you will be able to reimburse us?
Our policies are underwritten by a top-rated insurance carrier which is reinsured by some of the largest global reinsurers.
What happens if Ebie goes bankrupt?
In the unlikely case of Ebie going bankrupt, you won’t have to worry. Because our policies are underwritten by other insurance carriers, your coverage will remain the same.

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