How it works


What is a deposit insurance?

A deposit insurance is a flexible way to guarantee the landlord's security without having to lock up valuable capital in a deposit. Ebie's deposit insurance gives the landlord the same protection as a deposit or bank guarantee, but allows the tenant to keep the money. Instead, you pay an insurance premium based on your company's individual risk profile.


Apply for a deposit insurance

It's easy to apply on our website. Follow the steps in our application process where you fill in basic information about the rental contract. We accept applications at all stages of the rental process, regardless of whether you have just started to think about moving or are already installed at the new office and have provided another security.


Wait for handling

Getting a deposit insurance is easy and safe. We will crunch some numbers, get the landlords approval and prepare the contract. This can take anywhere from 2 days up to 5 days. As soon as we are ready, or if we need more information, we will reach out.


Sign the insurance policy

If we can cover the risk and have the landlord's approval we will send you a quote. You can easily approve the quote via our website or over mail. When it is time for payment we will send over an invoice and the insurance policy document.


Pay less and invest in your company

When all is done you get to choose how you invest in your company. Is it time for new hires? Or new furniture for your new office? Regardless, your cash now serves a greater purpose.

Place your cash in what is important to you