Experience deposit-free renting

Skip the deposit and unlock valuable working capital.

What do we do?

We give you the ability to satisfy the security demand on your rental lease without paying expensive deposits or bank guarantees and at a fraction of their costs - who wouldn’t want that?

Smoother process
Reduce the stress of relocating by avoiding lease security arguments
Invest in your business
Don’t lock up valuable working capital in a security deposit - use it to grow your business
No impact on credit score
Ebie’s insurance alternative leaves your credit score intact while being up to 70% cheaper than alternative financing solutions
Apply for our solution on the office, store or whatever unit your company is renting at one of our partnered landlords.
Skip the deposit - save your money
Satisfy the security demand on the lease through our deposit alternative.
Small premium instead of a large deposit
Pay a small monthly premium on a yearly, or monthly, basis.
Make your business grow
Invest the cash in what really matters. Your business.


See an estimate of how much your premium would be. Contact us for an exact offer.

Deposit amount:
Monthly premium:
870 SEK

Instead of investing in a deposit, use that cash to:

Take 12 000 coffee breaks
Have 1 500 meals at a restaurant
Pay about 9 monthly salaries

Frequently asked questions

What’s the cost of your insurance policy?
The cost of our insurance is dependent on several variables. But don’t worry, the cost of our insurance is minimal in comparison to the alternative deposit and usually lies around 4% annually of the alternative security deposit.
Will my landlord accept your insurance?
Landlords tend to love our product! Our insurance is just as safe as a cash deposit, smoother than a bank guarantee, and easier to administer. If your landlord doesn’t offer our deposit alternative today you can just introduce us to them and we’ll handle it from there.
How long does your insurance last?
Our insurance is valid for as long as the lease agreement. But it’s renewable, so if your company wishes to extend your lease, we can extend the insurance to best fit your needs.
What happens if I want to cancel my insurance early?
That’s alright, you can cancel the insurance any time, but beware that you will have to provide your landlord with another form of security.
What happens if my landlord decides to use the policy?
Our insurance works just like a security deposit. If your landlord thinks that you have, for whatever reason, broken the lease agreement they can make a claim toward us where we will immediately reimburse them for the damages caused and you will then have to reimburse us for the damages paid. If you think that the landlord’s claim was unjustified, that’s something you will have to take up with your landlord (after you reimburse us) - just like you would with a bank guarantee.

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Do you already know which property you want? Are you unsure about the details of our deposit alternative? Are you not sure if your landlord accepts our deposit alternative? Contact us and we will take it from there. We will reach out to the landlord in case we have not already partnered with them!