Re-think Renting

Don’t pay a deposit, use Ebie. We rethought landlord security by introducing a win-win alternative that’s more affordable for renters and provides security for landlords.

How It Works

Apply for Ebie
Looking to avoid paying a deposit? Apply for free to see how much you can save.
Pay a small premium instead of a large deposit
By choosing our insurance to cover the security demands on your lease you can spend your money on what really matters. If anything were to happen we’ll cover for you and provide you with a fair payback plan.
Enjoy financial security
Rent care-free knowing that your money is where it belongs - in your business.

What we offer

Deposit-free renting
Skip the deposit. With Ebie you no longer have to pay the deposit, instead, you can put it to use in your company.
Complete security
Thanks to Ebie’s insurance network, landlords can rest assured knowing they will be reimbursed for any potential damages - risk-free and without a hassle.
Enjoy the convenience
Our solution is smooth throughout the entire process. Getting insured? It’s simple, just contact us and we’ll do the legwork, quick and efficiently. Making a claim? It’s simple, just log in and tell us what happened - you’ll be reimbursed immediately. Even overview, insights and communication is simple using Ebie.


As rents have soared the past decade, deposits have become a financial burden for those seeking rental space. Save yourself money and trouble with Ebie.
Our solution offers better protection while ensuring a better experience for your renters. Offer your renters an alternative to the deposit and expect lower vacancy rates and less administration.


See an estimate of how much your premium would be. Contact us for an exact offer.

Deposit amount:
Monthly premium:
870 SEK

Instead of locking up your money in a deposit, use that cash to:

Take 12 000 coffee breaks
Have 1 500 meals at a restaurant
Pay about 9 monthly salaries

Frequently asked questions

What is Ebie?
We are an insurance alternative to the traditional security deposit. Instead of handing over a cash deposit or bank guarantee as a security to your landlord, you can choose to use our insurance policy which satisfies the security demands on your lease.
What rental leases are eligible?
We insure commercial property leases.
What’s the cost of applying for an insurance policy?
Nada, it’s 100% free to apply.