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A clean slate. A fresh start. That’s what moving should be all about. Leaving the past, with all the good and bad memories, learning experiences and regrets behind. Instead looking forward, to a new opportunity for growth and development. The last thing you want is to have that new beginning tainted. Today, rental deposits have that effect on many movers and can be anything from a headache to a financially detrimental component. Removing the deposit isn’t an option, as the landlord would be left unprotected against nonpayments and property damage. To add to it all, the cumulative amount of these deposits make up billions in capital that’s simply left to collect dust in a bank account.

This is the problem we at Ebie saw. We quickly realized that the answer to this problem wasn’t to adapt the deposit, as its design makes it very resistant to improvement. The answer is to replace it altogether, with a solution that has always made sense.

We took the best that insurance has to offer and brought that to the real estate industry. The result? A convenient and dependable insurance solution that benefits all parties involved in the rental process.

Edvin Lindhoutauthor
Edvin Lindhout
Dec 31, 2020